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Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Biggest Global Food Trend of 2019?

In years gone by the word 'Vegan' carried negative connotations for many. It possibly conjured up images of bland tasteless food, nut cutlets, animal rights activists and 'hippies' that would one day grow out of this 'phase' in their lives. Roll on to 2019 and we are seeing a massive global shift in thinking. The Vegan street food scene in NZ is growing at rapid rate and the food on offer is varied and delicious. So what's changed globally?

A Growing Awareness

of the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries. Many are turning to a plant based diet for health reasons coupled with a greater awareness of how animals are being treated.

Documentaries such as Fork over Knives and Earthlings have fueled the interest, likewise the growing number of celebrities such as director James Cameron and tennis star Novak Djokovic that have both embraced a plant based lifestyle.

Vegan Street Food

In the last couple of years we have seen a number of sell-out vegan events from the Vegan Fair, to smaller more community focused events such as Double V and now Ubuntu. But, it's not just Auckland embracing the growing interest in vegan cuisine. Mount Maunganui has hosted Vegan Vibes and we have seen the Vegan Food Festival in Hamilton. The Auckland Truck Collective will host a vegan food festival on Feb 9th in Auckland featuring some of the best vendors in Auckland. Check out our Vendor listings here

Our Picks

Did you order the Burger and Fries?

Wise Boy Burgers have been on the Auckland street food scene for a couple of years. You may have seen the queues many events and there is a reason for that. Brothers Tim and Luke have crafted a series of incredible plant based burgers. Their 'smoke and fire' tofu burgers should be on your 'vegan street food' shopping list. If you are looking for something completely different, try one of Mama Tahina's vegan egg plant schnitzel flat breads.

What's next?

It is no surprise that we are now seeing major brands add vegan options to their menus here in NZ. Chef's and foodies are already starting to embrace the global shift by challenging themselves to create plant based versions of their favourite dishes. The quality and availability of vegan food products is growing rapidly in NZ. We are entering the new age of mock meats, some that look and taste so real that it will 'freak you out'. Expect to see more plant based vendors or options from existing vendors Aotearoa in 2019 with more varied and exciting menus than ever before


Food Trucks Vegan
Food Trucks Vegan



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