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This is the place for your general enquiries. For all bookings please see above. 

We are happy to to help you find vendors for your Community Events such as fundraisers and school galas. Provide the details below and we will send a note out to our vendors.  

Customer Questions

How much does it cost to hire a food truck for my event?

The cost to bring in an event caterer can vary a lot based on the location of the event, number of guests, the food and delivery style. Pricing for events generally starts at $1,000 - $1500. Consider $20-$30pp on average for budgeting purposes. Yep, that is considerably cheaper than a traditional caterer.

What does my caterer bring to the event?

The vendor(s) that you choose will bring everything that is needed to deliver the food at your event. They bring their food truck, gazebo, catering equipment, the food of course, packaging, cutlery and napkins. Typically waste managament is organised by the hirer, not the caterer

I do not have room for a food truck, what are my options?

If there is no room for a vehicle, there are many caterers that operate with a gazebo or pop up kitchen.

What is the minimum booking fee for catering?

For caterers providing 'main meals' the minimum hire fee is around $1,000 and for desserts this is $500. There is some flexibility on this i.e if one of our pastry vendors is doing a 'drop off' rather than staying at the event.

Why book with Love Street Food?

We have a team here ready to help you with extensive hospitality and street food experience. We have relationships with fantastic caterers across New Zealand. We save you time and remove the hassle of organisaing quotations and dealing with numerous providers.

Does it cost us to use the services of Love Street Food NZ ?

It is 100% free for customers to book with us.

How do I confirm a booking?

We send you the proposal and if all is in order, you can confirm your booking with LSF. We then link you to the vendor. All payments are between the hirer and the caterer.