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Chef Inspired
Multi Cuisine

Street Food and Food Truck Catering 

We'll Create The Feast For Your Next Event  


Fresh, Sustainable & Healthy 

 Food Should be fun and about trying new things.


Double Parked is a black board food truck with a menu that is always changing depending on the season and what we feel like cooking.


Chef Inspired Menu

We are 100% obsessed with all things burgers!   Using only the freshest produce and highest quality free range meats, our dedication delivers the ultimate flavour punch!


With all our sauces and even our mince made in house, we insure that there is no compromise in quality, so you know that every Wipeout Kitchen burger is guaranteed to satisfy in every way


Chef Inspired Catering

We serve no-fuss, juice-and-cheese-running-down-your-hand type burgers that taste amazing. Call them “well-executed classics”. Everything you eat at Jo Bros is locally sourced and sustainably produced. Seriously, a guy down the road called Adam makes our patties


Chef Inspired Catering

Treat your tastebuds and tantalise your senses - escape to a world of creative wonder at Sculptureum to enjoy more of Rothko, wine, art and gardens.


The Sculptureum Food Truck is managed by Rothko's head chef, Josh Hazel. Josh bases his seasonal menus on the food at award-winning Rothko restaurant and Freddie's Outdoor Kitchen (both based at Sculptureum). 


Chef Inspired Catering

Gourmet street food with a French accent.


We can create everything that you would love for your next event, weddings, corporate parties.  

Chef over 20 years of experience.


Gluten Free Corn Fritters

The corner sell gluten free corn fritter, served in 4 ways. Two vegetarian options inspired in kiwi and South American flavours and two more corn fritters the Asian one sticky soy and honey chicken and the classic fried onions smoky bacon and cream cheese all of them matched with ours home made sauces.

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