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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Shared dining and Street Food that you will Love

It is quite hard to choose between the amazing eateries at the new 'The Eatery at Eastridge' at the Eastridge Mall on Kepa Road. There are just so many delicious dishes on offer. The good news is that you can order dishes from different eateries and enjoy at the communal dining tables.

Street food comes in many forms from food trucks and gazebos to classy establishments like this. One of the reasons we love street food is the excitement that it brings us when we find new fresh concepts and dishes. Welcome to the incredible contemporary Indian street food of Royal-G. Created by Chef Javier Carmona and business partner David Saavedra you will find a menu of classy offerings including this 'Fijian Ceviche' (photo below) with fermented pineapple and crunchy Chakli. The sign above their eatery reads 'Not Your Mum's Indian' and if you are looking for a typical butter chicken main you are in the wrong spot. The menu is so enticing with dishes like 'Mr Singh's Dry Spiced Fish, 'Yesterday's Lamb Curry' and 'First Class Railway Pork'. Wash it all down with a Blood Plum and Fennel Lassi.

You can read our recent blog post here about the fantastic Temakeria from Rod and Jenny of the Temaki Sushi Food Truck. Temaki sushi cones are huge in Brazil and it's so good to see them launch NZ's first Temakeria. I love their Japanese/ Korean influenced menu offering a number of delicious street food dishes often with a Kimchi twist. The Chicken Karaage Don bowl and the Kimichi Pancake are our picks.

'Noa' Chargrill + Burger is the latest fast casual concept from Alex Isik (pictured below). Alex and wife Nigar are the talented duo behind a large number of top eateries across Auckland including Deco Titirangi, Devon on Wharf in Devenport and Bodrum New Lynn. This team know how to build successful eateries and I think they have another winner here with their charcoal grilled meats and burgers.


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