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Street Food


Quick Guide to Booking a Food Truck

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Here is the the Love Street Food quick guide to help you plan your food truck fiesta. From corporate events, private parties, promotions, film shoots to weddings and divorce parties.

1 Choose your venue first

There are so many options available to you from traditional halls, farms, vineyards, mate's houses, parks and beaches. Some locations do not allow food trucks and some require Council consent. Cover this off first. And check if there is adequate space for a food truck at the location. Whilst you are asking, check in if power is provided or not. Many vendors have their own power supply nowadays, so this is not as big an issue as it once was.

2. Budget

Mobile caterers are becoming very popular and are an affordable alternative to traditional caterers. Street food and food truck catering does not mean cheap. Our caterers are the best of the best, using quality ingredients and they take great pride in the personalised service that they provide. These are small business that work incredibly hard and typically love what they do.

Caterers usually quote a price that includes their food, travel, staff, and time. There is no one price that as the requirements, offerings and locations vary. Think around $20-$40 a head as your base pricing for around 100 people. Some caterers provide a dinners and desserts, other canapes and buffet style.

3 Theme, Cuisine and Style

Let your mind drift into your dream feast for your special day. We have wedding couples that choose a Mediterranean theme or opt for an Argentinian bbq and Italian cuisine combination. A popular choice is an Asian inspired caterer partnered with Mexican street food. How about a dumpling truck with and mouth-watering burgers? The options are endless. The Love Street Food team can help you to create the best fit for your event.

Style - You can have canapes but nothing beats traditional street food style for a more relaxed event. You can have people coming up to your truck, buffet tables or walk n fork style.

4. Drinks Bar and Dessert

We have many cool options such as gelato carts, ice cream trucks, hand crafted doughnuts, and French pastries. Many of our talented food trucks can customise and provide bespoke dessert options just for you. Who doesn't love desserts, right? If you are getting the food of your street food dreams, make sure you also consider your drink options. We have a whole range of mobile bars, coffee trucks and some that are both coffee trucks and mobile bars.

5. Use the Love Street Food service - it's 100% free to you and we love what we do. We have organised hundreds of private catering events for our clients. Check out our reviews and book with confidence.

Provide us with your base details in this 1 min quick form and we will work our magic to help you create the perfect feast to suit your requirements.



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